OPEN takes a global approach to a global problem

As climate change increasingly manifests itself with volatile and unpredictable weather patterns that wreak havoc, the impact on food, fuel and water supplies presents an increasing challenge to the globalised economy. Climate change is therefore not a future threat but a risk multiplier today. It is ‘here and now’, and governments and global agencies are working together to help reverse its effects. This will result in a major transition to low carbon technologies and an iterative growth in renewables and cleantech. OPEN brings a global philosophy of seeking innovation worldwide, focusing on local initiatives to bring about a global solution. As our name suggests, we are OPEN to the possibilities of the future, OPEN to new ideas and new ways of thinking: OPEN to change.


OPEN invests in technologies that change the way the world works

OPEN specialises in investing in what is known variously as cleantech, envirotech, green tech and renewable energy. We define it broadly as investments in knowledge-based products or services that improve operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, energy consumption, waste, or pollution. Our focus is not limited to any single sector, but rather on technological innovations within many different industrial sectors, which result in cleaner, leaner, lower emissions societies. OPEN is aligned with an expectation that expects to see huge growths in this sector, profiting investors, people, and the planet itself.


OPEN’s memberships in Renewable Energy associations

OPEN proudly announces its membership in two of the world’s most renowned Renewable Energy associations: REN21 and the UK Renewable Energy Association (REA).



OPEN has become an accredited member of the UK Renewable Energy Association, an esteemed network representing British renewable energy producers while promoting the use of renewable energy throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.


OPEN is now also an official contributor to REN 21, one of the largest global renewable energy policy multi-stakeholder networks which connects a wide range of key actors from governments, international organisations, industry associations, science and academia as well as civil society.


OPEN For Whom

OPEN understands institutional and professional investors, as well as financial intermediaries, have diverse risk and return objectives.

Whether interested in project investment, equity investment in developers or clean technology companies, OPEN will provide investors with access to a range of opportunities from direct co-investment to a variety of funds.

These could include primary and secondary asset investment, low dividend and high yield equity, high risk high return equity, participating and convertible debt and more.

OPEN will provide investment products addressing a wide array of portfolio requirements, supporting:

  • Institutional investors
  • Corporate investors
  • Professional investors
  • Financial intermediaries/wealth managers