Investment Focus

OPEN was established to help address the greatest global economic and environmental opportunities of the 21st Century.

Climate change, pollution, resources depletion, water scarcity, waste management and other major environmental challenges have prompted governments, investors and industry to support a wave of environmentally- focussed technological innovations. The energy infrastructure of societies will be affected by these changes, from consumers to big business. Cleantech in particular is a replacement technology – so houses, offices, factories and the power grids that connect them will all accommodate new developments that are kinder to the environment. OPEN is at the grassroots of this change, identifying and financing some of the world's most innovative projects.

Investment Approach

OPEN creates partnerships with project and company owners, bringing a wealth of knowledge, support and expertise to the table.

OPEN's international network helps companies to achieve regional and global expansion. We view each relationship as a partnership, and as well as providing critical investment we also offer a wide range of support and mentoring services to each project partner, drawing on our knowledge of global trends and international expertise from the finance and new energy sectors. Together with the right financing model, OPEN's added value services ensure a holistic approach to delivering success over the long-term.

Investment Criteria

OPEN backs companies that actively contribute to lower carbon economies, demonstrating high growth potential and a path to profit.

Our portfolio strategy is not based on specific sectors or technologies, but rather on the singular focus of innovation, whereby entrepreneurs and project owners can demonstrate high future returns on technological processes and products that will have a major positive impact on the environment. We operate within a strict ethical code and evaluate companies thoroughly, basing our decision to partner on their ability to perform financially, thanks to managerial expertise and a detailed plan for growth and future innovations.

Investment Strategy

OPEN's core strategy is to invest in renewable energy projects and the equity of cleantech companies.

OPEN's approach is to build on an awareness of the need for short-term and long-term responses to market challenges. This means its overall investment strategy combines investments in renewable power production to support the transition towards a low carbon economy, with equity investments in cleantech companies with strong growth potential. This combined approach helps OPEN to balance its investment portfolio between assets with different risk profiles and returns. The team's investment strategy is intended to optimize return on investment while mitigating portfolio risk.



OPEN Portfolio Focus

OPEN invests in companies that operate in the renewable energy and cleantech sectors. They include:

  • Renewable power – from solar, wind, hydro to biomass and waste » Clean fuels – second generation biofuels to hydrogen
  • Energy efficient technologies – CHP, waste heat recovery, buildings, space heating and cooling, measuring, monitoring and modelling software and tools
  • Resource efficient technologies – waste management, recycling, recovery
  • Water management and desalination
  • Energy storage
  • Smart grid initiatives mitigating portfolio risk.


OPEN Luxembourg

OPEN's first investment vehicles will be domiciled in Luxembourg, Europe's premier private banking hub and the world's second largest investment fund centre.

Luxembourg's success as a financial centre is based on a legal and regulatory framework driven by a strong culture of investor protection.

With a long tradition of financial expertise, and extensive knowledge of the needs of an international client base, it provides a multilingual and multicultural base that has attracted banks, insurance companies, investment fund promoters and specialist service providers from all over the world.


OPEN'S End User Market Targets

OPEN invests in cleantech and renewable energy companies that provide solutions to a wide range of industry sectors. Companies in these sectors have pressing environmental needs, requiring renewable energy generation, energy efficiency technologies, and materials recycling solutions. Some of the examples can be seen in the accompanying diagram.

OPEN Diversification

For OPEN, diversification is more than a word to attract investor attention; it is the core of our corporate strategy.

Whilst most cleantech investment firms focus on a single technology or geographic location, OPEN will diversify and as a result differentiate itself from other similar finance firms on many levels. Some of the OPEN diversification fundamentals:

  • Geographical spread – Europe / Asia / Latin America
  • Market types – established / emerging
  • Targeted assets – renewable energy parks / private equity in cleantech companies
  • Different investment offers – through managed fund structures or Direct Investments
  • Type of investors – private / professional / institutional
  • Investment objectives – long term / short term / income / capital growth
  • Investment strategy – debt / equity / ownership

For many reasons, OPEN is a company that makes a difference.


OPEN Investment Selection

OPEN will consistently pursue the highest grade of completeness, coherence and comparativeness in its investment selection process. OPEN ́s investment focus is all about identifying the best-in-class renewable energy and cleantech investment opportunities globally. To systematically and efficiently screen the worldwide universe of potential investments, a state-of-the-art investment selection methodology is indispensable.

This is why OPEN has developed and refined a proprietary investment selection process. This customized methodology allows OPEN to identify, rank and select investment opportunities in a systematic, objective, rational and value driven manner, to achieve optimised risk-adjusted return on investment for our investors.