OPEN Cleantech Bond Programme - all the official and related documents can be found on the page below. For the complete range of OPEN Cleantech Whitepapers, Reports, Fact Sheets and Infographics regarding the renewable energy and cleantech market, visit the Member Area, if not already a member register here.



Here you will find all documents directly related to the OPEN Cleantech Bond.


open-download-infographic-history-of-biofuel-2Listing Particulars - OPEN Cleantech Multi-Currency Secured Medium Term Note Programme

OPEN Cleantech Income Securities DAC is offering a series of multi-currency Medium Term Notes offering the opportunity for long-term capital growth and income generation through investment in companies actively involved in renewable investment in companies actively involved in renewable and clean technology energy production. The €500 million OPEN Cleantech Bond Programme consists of a series of bonds, each with their own terms and conditions, and will be issued in separate tranches. These bonds are listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. These base listing particulars show full details of the offering.

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Here you will find corporate documents with detailed information about OPEN Cleantech - our team, values, vision, mission and investment strategy.


open-corporate-memo-cta.pngOPEN DUE DILIGENCE

As we seek out investment opportunities, always uppermost in our thoughts are a series of questions designed to assess the potential and risks of projects and businesses we may become involved in.

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open-corporate-memo-cta.pngAN OPEN CORPORATE MEMORANDUM

By focusing on cleantech and renewable energy projects of the highest calibre, OPEN identifies and commercialises innovation, bringing new energy solutions to market through investment.

If you are OPEN to being informed, inspired and empowered to make solid investment choices that will make a difference, take a moment to look through our Corporate Memorandum.

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open-portal-an-open-corporate-introduction-2015.jpgAN OPEN CORPORATE INTRODUCTION

OPEN is a global visionary finance company that offers a new way to invest in cleantech projects and business. Our professional network covers Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas, with a wide range of investment and project opportunities available.

Our holistic approach to business actively builds networks of international placement agents, allowing OPEN to connect a global community of environmental entrepreneurs and investors through our strategic partnerships.

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Here you will find a selection of industry related documents. A full range of OPEN Whitepapers, Reports, Fact Sheets and Infographics related to the renewable energy and cleantech market can be found in the member area.


open-cleantech-industry-2016-whitepaper-cta.pngOPEN FACT SHEET: GREEN BONDS - A Key Weapon in the Fight Against Climate Change

Moving to a low carbon economy based on a sustainable model of industrial production coupled with high energy efficiency is a demanding task - but it is not just an enormous challenge. It presents a whole new range of opportunities too. While the financial aspects of such a move are often presented as a ‘cost’ they can be better viewed from the perspective of being an economic stimulus.

Read about the rise in Green Bonds and the new opportunities for investors in our OPEN Fact Sheet

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open-cleantech-industry-2016-whitepaper-cta.pngBIOFUELS FROM ALGAE

Renewable energy plays a vital role in the global effort to approach climate change targets and over recent years a variety of sources have been developed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Within the variety of sustainable options, biofuels and bioenergy are essential as they are the only renewable energy which can be used for electricity, heat and all forms of transportation including marine and aviation.

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open-cleantech-industry-2016-whitepaper-cta.pngWASTE WATER - FROM BURDEN TO REVENUE

World-wide, waste water treatment costs industry and government tens of billions dollars a year, but new processes promise to turn a burden into a revenue stream. This OPEN Fact Sheet gives an at-a-glance run down on key facts, figures and trends within this industry, which is not only environmentally vital, but essential in providing clean water to the world's population.

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open-cleantech-industry-2016-whitepaper-cta.pngCLEANTECH INDUSTRY - AN OPEN WHITEPAPER

This white paper presents a detailed analysis of changing energy trends as they relate to the global cleantech industry. From renewable energy to energy storage, biofuels to recycling the field is vast.

Click on the download button to understand how the pressing need worldwide for environmentally-mindful solutions presents immense opportunities for investors.

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open-ctas-downloads-page-plastic-pollution-16.pngENERGY STORAGE AND RENEWABLE ENERGIES - AN OPEN WHITEPAPER

Energy storage installation capacity by the end of 2015 is expected to reach three times more than that of 2014. By 2020, energy storage investment is expected to grow exponentially, on par or even surpassing that of its solar energy counterparts. This OPEN White Paper gives you the latest information on the role of energy storage in the wider renewable energy picture.

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open-ctas-downloads-page-plastic-pollution-16.pngENERGY STORAGE - AN OPEN FACT SHEET

The latest news and trends in clean energy advancement show that energy storage is serious business. Today's increasingly affordable storage technology is rapidly taking green energy from potential to reality in leaps and bounds. Energy storage is attractive for both existing utilities grids as well as new energy development, from all manner of home storage to newer types of community-based renewable power.

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open-portal-biofuels-in-latin-america-whitepaper.pngBIOFUELS IN LATIN AMERICA - AN OPEN WHITEPAPER

This white paper highlights the biofuels sector in the region of Latin America, providing some of the latest examples of innovation and cooperation between Latin American countries and biofuels companies.

In addition, it outlines why Latin American biofuels are not only a strong investment option in the short and medium term but will continue to be so in the decades to come as nations in the region search for energy security and seek to cut carbon emissions.

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open-portal-biofuels-in-latin-america-whitepaper.pngBIOFUELS THE FUNDAMENTALS - AN OPEN FACT SHEET

Biofuels form a vital part as a growing fuel alternative, with new technology leading to unconventional possibilities and greener investment opportunities.

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