OPEN Expertise

OPEN is a global visionary finance company that is offering a new way to invest in cleantech projects and business. Our professional network covers Europe, Asia, The Middle East and the Americas, with a wide range of investment and project opportunities available.

Our investment strategy employs a global approach to global opportunities. With a network reaching across a wide range of countries and industries, we take a value investment approach to projects and businesses which result in added value to society both financially, environmentally and socially.

We do this by investing in renewable energy assets, like wind and solar parks, which can create predictable and secure income streams. In addition, we seek long-term capital growth through investment in equity and debt in the securities of companies who are active in the renewable energy sector and in clean technology markets.

OPEN Partners

To complement our own internal expertise, we work with a diverse network of partners in the following areas:

  • International finance and banking
  • Industry leaders
  • Environmental thought leaders
  • Technology institutions
  • Investment associations

This global network of partners brings us fresh perspectives, commercial insights and a rich pipeline of opportunities from around the world.

OPEN Insights

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OPEN is much more than just a team of financiers

While many other environmental investment companies exist, OPEN is one of the first entities to align financial experts with environmental and technology specialists to create a holistic approach to investing in solutions that will truly benefit the world. This conglomeration of experts believes that profit, and high returns at that, can be created through ensuring that the very best ideas are given time, finance and support to be realized within a given exit strategy. OPEN has the ambition to do something different and to really make a difference. As well as connecting a global community of environmental entrepreneurs and investors, OPEN is developing a dynamic brand that will harness the very best digital strategies, including business media and content-led marketing to inform, inspire and enable solid investment choices. Investing with OPEN today is a smart option.




Our Mission

OPEN’s mission is to create a global network of investment opportunities in order to accelerate the drive towards sustainable energy solutions for the planet.

Focussing on cleantech and renewable energy projects of a very high calibre, OPEN identifies and commercializes innovation, bringing new energy solutions to market with investment, as well as a wide range of support services.


Our Vision

OPEN’s vision is to develop a global investment entity conscious of the challenges that the planet faces and conscientious about meeting those challenges.

Financial success is a primary driver for investing, but so is seeking out and supporting solutions that help to address climate change and its effects.

Creating a lower carbon global economy and giving the planet and its people a fresh start are central to OPEN’s commitment to succeed.


Our Values

GLOBAL: We take a holistic approach to our business, which means thinking globally.

  • INNOVATIVE: We seek out the most innovative approaches to solving energy and environmental issues.
  • EXPERT: Our business decisions are based on the insights and knowledge of experts in their chosen fields.
  • TRANSPARENT: Our aim is to share our objectives and opportunities with the OPEN network of partners.